Want to know why people so excited about AWS?

Want to know why people so excited about AWS?

April 25,2018, | By Innovative Academy


It is said that no kingdom can rule perpetually. The complacency and arrogance of the rulers become the fundamental cause of their decline.

Yes, it is true in every aspect of the life, and technology is also not an exception.

When Microsoft ruled the world almost unchallengedly for decades, and people thought it is irreplaceable; now there are several new entrants aspiring to capture the number one position by offering not just compatible, but better products!

Amazon Web Services or AWS, the cloud platform offered by Amazon is a protuberant example. It is a product offered by a company which is known for massive scale.

The enthusiasm percolates from the top

Yes, an organization succeeds when the top management is optimistic and confident. As far as AWS is concerned, the leadership team has tremendous confidence in the product.

It looks for a global expansion with profound growth. The company aims to incorporate a bouquet of product enhancements in the coming months to make it more and more relevant.

To be just sanguine about the business growth is something different and to move methodically to make it possible is something different; the AWS leadership falls into the latter category.

A three-step strategy is followed by them; Make new customers, retain existing customers and convert customers who are using other platforms. Quite an impressive strategy; isn’t it?

So far, the strategy seems to be greatly successful, and the future also looks bright!

Bombarding with industry-leading innovations is part of Amazon’s strategy

When we mention industry-leading innovations, concerning Amazon, quantity matters.

It comes out with dozens of services in a different category. Remember, it is by design, not by chance.

You think about anything; serverless computing, core computing, databases, IOT or any other niche; you will get loads of service in each category.

Moreover, each product is tied to the cloud. It means the benefits such as ease of use, scalability and maximum value for money.

Why is so much fascination about the number? Well, Amazon says it is because the customers want it. According to the sources, 90 percent of the features are asked by the customers, and the remaining 10 percent is for the strategic benefit.

Whatever the rational maybe, but one thing is clear. With so many product enhancements and feature incorporation, it will be very tough to challenge Amazon in the coming years.

The increased morale and tremendous excitement of the core constituency of AWS indicate a great future!

Come out from the SAAS, PAAS and IAAS syndrome!

With AWS, the things become altogether different. It defines the buy and use of the software. Cloud here is taken for granted.

What does it mean? It means that AWS is not limited to a cloud-based database service or Artificial Intelligence service or IOT.

Rather, it offers all these services that are by-default cloud-based. But naturally, they are industry-leading. They keep AWS miles ahead of others.

In short, AWS redefines the way a software service provider should offer to all the markets, consumers, SMB, developers and enterprises!

Hybrid-IT is an opportunity, not a threat

Yes, for Amazon, Hybrid-IT is just an intermediate stage. The organization must come on an ‘all Amazon’ platform eventually. It means the user may tie-up different vendors today; they are destined to get vanished.

The AWS-VMWare partnership is an example. For AWS, it is an intermediate stage as mentioned earlier. It looks from the perspective of converting customers to the ‘All AWS” platform.

When customers get similar looking tools and services, they feel convenient to migrate to AWS platform for better integration.

Thus, today it might be a business partnership, tomorrow it may be a monopolistic situation. Some experts underline the inherent risks of it.

Yes, keeping all eggs in one basket may lead to a situation when the whole business jeopardizes if the single platform fails. Hence, a few customers are skeptical about it. They may continue the hybrid IT platform for a longer period.

Information Technology is a dynamic and volatile niche. Change is the only thing constant here. The industry-leading innovation of AWS might lose its charm in future, but as of now, the roadmap looks impressive.