A three week preparation program to become AWS Certified Solution Architect

A three-week preparation program to become AWS Certified Solution Architect

January 17, 2018 | By Innovative Academy


A three-week preparation program to become AWS Certified Solution Architect

AWS certified solutions architect is an exam that is intended for people who have experience in designing distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform.

The exam is a tricky one, and hence, it shouldn't be taken lightly. Along with thorough preparation, you need a lot of practice also.

Those who are preparing for it should concentrate on concepts so that it is easy to clear the exam. Experts say that the most important exam concepts are:

  • Selection of the appropriate AWS service based on criteria such as a database, compute, data or security requirements.
  • AWS cost estimation concepts and cost control estimations.
  • Data ingress-egress from AWS.
  • Choosing the on-premises applications to the AWS system.

It is very much important to join the best aws training in bangalore so that the concepts can be grasped well.

Who are the eligible candidates for AWS certified solution architect exam?

Before one decides to join some institute for aws training in Bangalore, it is important to know the eligibility criteria for the admission:

  • Hands-on experience of one or more years in designing scalable, fault tolerant and cost-effective distribution systems on AWS platform.
  • A thorough knowledge of at least one high-level programming language.
  • The ability to identify and defining requirements for AWS-based application.
  • Experience of developing and implementing on-premise hybrid systems using AWS components.
  • Using the best practices for developing reliable and secure AWS platform applications.

The pattern of this exam is similar to other certification exams. There are multiple answer questions that need to be solved in 80 minutes. It is available in multiple languages. There are separate registrations fees for practice exams and the final exam.

A systematic three-week preparation program

Yes, it always better to prepare systematically when you prepare for AWS certification. Even if you hire the best service provider for amazon web services training in Bangalore, self-study is mandatory.

According to experts, students who prepare a structured three-week study plan can perform brightly in the exam. They can clear it with a respectable score.

Here is a typical study program. You can alter it, fine tune it or tweak it based on your individual needs.

Before you chalk down a detailed program, make a list of topics to be covered. Get an overview of different services and understand the relevance of each.

Study plan Week #1

Whether you decide to appear in the exam just after completing the aws certification training in Bangalore or you do it after a few days if self-study, it is always beneficial to watch videos about different topics and sub-topics.

You should concentrate on the topics that you are not very confident with, and you can skip the ones you are familiar with.

Study plan Week #2

Read the topics using the study material provided by the training center. You can also refer the FAQs about prominent AWS services such that SQS, EBS or EC2.

Remember, it is highly useful if you read the FAQs because it covers all minor and major things in detail. Though it takes some time to read the FAQs, it is worth spending time in it.

You should start solving mock tests, practice tests or sample papers. Refer the papers given by the training institute or download the same using the Internet, it is your choice.

The test papers boost your confidence and prepare you for the exam. Look at your performance test after test. It should show continuous improvement.

Keep on revising the topics again and again. Emphasize on the topics you are not doing well. Gradually, you will see improvement.

Study plan Week #3

By the third week, you should have finished most of the FAQs. Also, you should have solved several test papers.

Now it is the time to recall the concepts and grasp each and every bit of AWS documentation. All important topics and concepts should be completed by you so far.

After two-three days, you are ready for the show. However, you can study for a couple of days more to make yourself confident further.

This three-week study plan is very helpful for everyone. If you prepare well, then clearing AWS Certified Solution Architect exam is quite easy.