Do you know about these latest services in AWS?

Do you know about these latest services in AWS

February 14, 2018 | By Innovative Academy

Do you know about these latest services in AWS?

A sea change has happened in the cloud technology in the past few years.

You can get the access to it and avail the benefits of a virtual server. It doesn't need a data center, UPS and air-conditioning, and physical and data security!

Today's cloud environment is complex, multifunctional and versatile. It offers the whole range of services. Not only you get storage capacity and processing power, but there is a bunch of services to store, slice and dice the data.

Experts say that modern cloud programmers are not indulged in coding complex programs, but they are more into configuring and subscribing the services.

Then who is actually building all these magnificent things? All big names that you can imagine; the Microsoft and Google, IBM and beyond all; Amazon!

Amazon, the leader with a difference

Whatever tough the competition may be, but a leader is always ahead of others. The same is true with Amazon.

It is a company that has always churned out powerful, efficient and feature-rich services on the cloud platform.

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a collection of exciting features and facilities that make cloud so intelligent and user-friendly that you can't even imagine.

Want to know about a few services that redefine cloud computing? Here they are.

Snowball Edge

Are you a typical conventional type of IT manager who gets disturbed with the thought of storing data in a remote server that you don't have any physical access to?

Well, then frankly you are not the right fit for cloud computing. The power of cloud lies in the transparency of it.

Your data maybe lying on a server located at another part of the world, or it may be in the same place where your office is situated.

AWS introduces Snowball Edge, the mechanism to send the massive amounts of data to the clients, as and when they need it.

The mechanism makes the life of developers easy who want large data blocks collected through cloud applications. Of course, one can download the same, but the slow speed of Internet could be the inhibiting factor. And don't misunderstand these boxes as dumb storage boxes. They are, in fact, high-end computer systems capable of searching, filtering and analyzing data.


Glue is nothing but a collection of Python scripts that can crawl through your data source and collect data. It is possible to apply all necessary transformations, sticking in the Amazon Cloud.

It can reach the data sources, snag the data, and after grabbing the data, it analyzes the schema. Based o the analysis, you are given suggestions.

Interestingly, you don't have to be a Python expert to do it (it certainly helps if you are an expert). Glue does it for you, and you are ready with the big picture.


Amazon brings a tool X-Ray that works in the same manner as the X-Ray does in the medical field. It runs through the network of machines and services on behalf of the website and aggregates the data from sources such as zones, regions and multiple instances.

Thus, you get a one-page snapshot of the whole website; without the need of writing code for it. You don't need a third-party tool for it.

Amazon X-Ray is the efficient and cost-effective way of doing it.


After amassing a big bunch of customers and clients, you may find it difficult to communicate to some or all of them.

Maybe you want to tell them about some special offer or an update of a server upgrade.

Emailing would be an alternate, but it has the risk of spam filters.

The smart way is to broadcast a message using the Pinpoint tool brought to you by Amazon!

Yes, you just need to integrate some code with your app. Pinpoint send the message when the user seems ready to accept the same.

After this targeted campaign, it collects and reports the level of engagement in the form of a report. You can tune the campaign to get better results.


These are a few prominent tools offered by Amazon AWS. Please note that it is not an all-inclusive list. There are several other tools such as FPGA, Blox or Recognition.

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