Cloud Computing Certifications, why are they considered so important?

Cloud Computing Certifications, why are they considered so important?

December 27, 2017 | By Innovative Academy


Cloud Computing Certifications, why are they considered so important?

In the past decade, cloud computing has entered into the mainstream IT applications. The growth in revenue increases quarter on quarter.

Since it is a dynamic and happening field, the job prospects are pretty lucrative. There are not enough resources in the market that are skilled in the niche.

There are comprehensive training courses offered by Cloud computing training institutes in Bangalore. These courses make people experts in the subject.

Studies say that the future of enterprise IT is cloud computing. Today, only 15 percent of total enterprise IT requirement is fulfilled by cloud. The same is expected to increase up to 50 percent in the next five years.

Hence, there is an unending requirement of experts.

It will be the core competency of IT organizations

Cloud will no longer be the computing platform of SMEs and startup companies. Rather, it will be the foundation of big IT companies as well.

Therefore, it is very important that IT resources are ready with in-depth cloud knowledge which can help in conceptualizing, designing and managing cloud-based applications in future.

Cloud computing training institutes play a vital role in developing and nurturing talent that can manage cloud-based applications. They bridge the gap between the demand and supply.

Good quality training can create a workforce that can tackle the challenges and roadblocks pretty well.

What are the biggest challenges?

Gone are the days when security used to be the biggest constraint in implementing cloud.

Leave aside the entrepreneurs (who are non-technical people most of the times), but even the IT managers used to doubt the security aspect.

Thankfully, all the security concerns do not exist today.

However, getting right skills is the biggest challenge today. Due to the lack of expertise, many companies do not gather the courage of migrating to the cloud platform.

Here comes the role of training organizations that offer good cloud computing training and placement in Bangalore. They provide excellent teachers who extend in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience.

When a technology becomes the de-facto platform, there is a greater need of skills across the industry. It holds true with cloud today. Hence, we need more and more skilled people.

There is another value-addition to it; the certification. It ensures that the resources are well-trained in the subject and they possess the knowledge beyond a certain threshold.

That's why Cloud computing courses that offer certification are in a great demand today.

Importance of certification for the IT resource

When people acquire certification in a certain skill, they can demonstrate high competence. While appointing key resources in the company, employers prefer certified people.

It gives a winning edge in the job market because the knowledge and skills get polished further.

Importance of certification for the organization

1. When organizations appoint skilled people, they prefer certified ones because it determines a basic level of skill.

2. Not only a certified resource is deemed to be an expert in the niche, he or she is also considered a good team player who can contribute significantly.

3. When there is a talent pool of certified cloud professionals, the organization can expect a consistent knowledge base.

4. People have the similar understanding of the subject and they use a common terminology. Thus, there is a better synergy and coordination.

5. When these coordinated teams create systems share and implement standardized designs.

6. Reduced operational costs and better efficiency.

As the popularity of cloud computing increasing, more and more companies are adopting it. Hence, there is a high demand for skilled resources.

Next few years will see a transition when legacy systems will shift to the new technology. During this changeover phase, more experts will be required.

Cloud computing training institutes provide comprehensive training programs to explain the concepts and theory.

It is the reason; many organizations consider Cloud certification a priority item. With the help of IT team and HR, they design phase wise training programs for the team members.

Thus, they build a well-trained team beforehand that makes the transition easy.

Certification is the key action item in the process of building cloud computing as a core competence. Hence, we can expect a big rush over the next few years.