Best AWS SysOps Training in Bangalore

AWS SysOps INNOVATIVE ACADEMY's Best AWS Training in Bangalore is designed so Innovative to help you clear the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate Certification. You will gain excellent knowledge on AWS Cloud Computing and its services likeEC2 Container Service (ECS), S3, EBS, CloudSearch, API Gateway, AppStream, WorkSpaces, Data Pipeline, Kinesis, OpsWorks, CloudFormation. Best Cloud Computing Training in Bangalore.


Why Sys Ops Training and certification?

  • AWS SysOps Administrator certification is one of the key IT certifications to have today.
  • AWS SysOps Certification will open doors to all kinds of new job opportunities. Average Salary for those holding the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Certification is $111,966

About our Training:

AWS SysOpsTraining from us is designed to provide expertise about AWS principles and its services. The classes are conducted by the Industrial experts for both classroom and online training sessions. The training is completely based on AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Exam.

Who can take this Training?

This AWS Training is constructed for IT pro's who needs to pursue the career in Cloud Industry and become AWS certified SysOps Administrator.

This training is suitable for:

  • AWS SysOps Associate certification training program is designed for Systems Administrators who have at least one year experience in managing or building applications in the cloud.
  • Existing Systems Administrators
  • Programmers Interested in Deploying Applications on AWS


Lesson 1: Monitoring and Metrics

  • CloudWatch Introduction
  • EC2 Status Troubleshooting
  • Create A Cloud Watch Role
  • Monitoring EC2 with Custom Metrics
  • Monitoring EBS
  • Monitoring RDS
  • Monitoring ELB
  • Monitoring Elasticache,
  • Centralised Monitoring Servers
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Billing &Alerts, Cost Optimization

Lesson 2: High Availability

  • Elasticity & Scalability
  • ScaleUp or ScaleOut
  • RDS and Multi-AZ Failover
  • RDS & Using Read Replica's
  • RDS Multi-AZ & Read Replica's Lab
  • Using Bastion Hosts and High Availability
  • Troubleshooting & Potential Auto scaling Issues

Lesson 3: Deployment & Provisioning

  • Root Access to AWS Services,
  • Elastic Load Balancer Configurations
  • Pre-warming - Elastic Load Balancers
  • Deployment & Provisioning

Lesson 4: Data Management

  • Disaster Recovery,
  • Back Up & AWS,
  • AWS Services& Automated Backups,
  • EC2 Types - EBS vsInstanceStore
  • Upgrading EBS Volume Types – Lab
  • Storing Log Files and Other BackUps

Lesson 5: Opsworks

  • Opsworks Overview
  • Setting Up Opsworks – Lab
  • AWS Sample Stack – Lab

Lesson 6: Security

  • Building IAM Policies – Lab
  • Using IAM Roles with EC2 (recap) – Lab
  • Multifactor Authentication on AWS – Lab
  • Security Token Service
  • Security on AWS
  • AWS & IT Audits

Lesson 7: Networking& Route53

  • Network Bottlenecks,
  • DNS 101
  • Register Your Domain Name
  • Setup Our EC2 Instances
  • Simple Routing Policy Lab
  • Weighted Routing Policy Lab
  • Latency Routing Policy Lab,
  • Failover Routing Policy Lab,
  • Geolocation Routing Policy Lab
  • DNS Summary

Lesson 8: VPCs

  • VPC Overview
  • Build a custom VPC Build,
  • Network Address Translation (NAT),
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Custom VPC's and ELBs
  • NAT's vs Bastions,
  • VPC Flow Logs,
  • VPC Clean Up,
  • VPC Summary,


Course Curriculum and Duration:

We provide both Classroom Training and Offline Training.

Duration: 40Hrs.

Weekdays (Mon-Fri 2Hrs per day)

Weekend batches (Sat-Sun 4Hrs per day)


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