Best Angular JS Training in Bangalore

angularjs INNOVATIVE ACADEMY's Best AngularJS Training in Bangalore is designed so Innovative to help clear understanding on AngularJS. You will gain an excellent knowledge of AngulaJS basics concepts, controllers and scopes, data binding, directives, filters, components and modules and Dependency injection.

Best AngularJS Training in Bangalore.


Why AngularJS Training?

  • Why AngularJS Training?
  • One of the best features of the Angular framework is that it is quite flexible when it comes to usage of external libraries apart from the scalability it provides. With Angular framework adoption being high, performance management of the application is community driven indirectly driving better job opportunities.

About our Training:

AngularJS Training from us is designed to provide expertise about AngularJS. The classes are conducted by the Industrial experts for both classroom and online training sessions.

Why choose Innovative Academy for your AngularJS training?

  • Experienced technical trainers
  • Real Time and Hands-on Experience Training
  • On Time Course Completion & Superb satisfaction scores
  • Comprehensive curriculum, Innovative & interactive Training
  • High Pass Rate

Who can take this Training?

This AngularJS Training is constructed for IT pro's who want to learn modern client-side design and development techniques and wish to apply it on large web applications such as Cloud ERP, CRM, among others.

This training is suitable for:

  • UI Developers and Technical Leads
  • Freshers and aspiring UI (JavaScript) developers
  • Full Stack Developers
  • QAs, Architects, and Technical Project Managers

AngularJS Training Syllabus

Chapter 1: AngularJS Introduction

  • History of AngularJS?
  • How AngularJS Works as Single Page Application?
  • What is Two-Way Data Biding and How it works?
  • Practical: Implementing AngularJS into your Application. Simple Application by using Controller and View. Simple Application with Two-way Data Binding.

Chapter 2: Structure of AngularJS

  • How to Configure AngularJS Application?
  • What is Root Element in AngularJS?
  • How to Bootstrap the Web Apps by using ng-app?
  • How to Extend HTML DOM with additional attributes?
  • What is AngularJS Expression and how to use?
  • Practical: Simple Application using ng-app, ng-init, ng-model and ng-bind

Chapter 3: controllers and scopes

  • What is Controller in AngularJS?
  • How to call Controller methods?
  • How to pass parameter values to the Controller?
  • What is Scope in Controller?
  • How is Scope act Data-Model?
  • How to pass Scope values to View?
  • How to Receive View data to the Scope?
  • How to access Controller Methods?

Practical: Get Form data into Controller

Chapter 4: understanding directives

  • The directive in AngularJS?.
  • lists of Directives?
  • Features of Directives.
  • How to Attach Directives to Views.
  • How to create Custom Directive?

Practical: "ng-include" Directive.

Show and hide Views based on values through "ng-if" Directive.

How to use "ng-repeat" and clone HTML elements using ng-repeat?

Chapter 5: filters

  • What are Filters in AngularJS?
  • List of Filters in Angularjs
  • Features of Filters.
  • How to use Filters as Service and use in js?
  • How to pass parameters in Filters?
  • Practical: Create an Application by Applying All Filters.

Chapter 6: forms in angularjs

  • How does formwork in AngularJS?
  • How to pass form data to AngularJS?
  • How to do form Validation in AngularJS?
  • How form states and CSS Classes work together dynamically?
  • How to do custom validation?
  • What is ng-message and how to use in forms?
  • Practical: Real-time form validations by using various states.

    Simple Application using Ng-message directive.

Chapter 7: dependency injection

  • Define Dependency Injection.
  • Why DI (Dependency Injection)?
  • How to use DI?
  • List of Dependency Annotation?

Chapter 8: components and modules

  • Overview of Services.
  • Factory
  • Providers
  • How to Create Custom Services, Factory, and Providers?
  • Inject components into other components
  • 2 Modules in AngularJS
  • Practical: Creating an application by using Services and Factories.

Chapter 9: Routing in angularjs

  • Routing?
  • How to use Routing?
  • $route Provider
  • How to divide a template into multiple templates?
  • How to attach divided multiple templates in views?
  • How Routing converts our Application as SPA?
  • How to pass/receive parameters in URL-path?
  • Practical: Applying Routing in an Application

Chapter 10: $HTTP Communication Service with JSON

  • Features of $http service in AngularJS
  • The Configuration of $http Service methods
  • What are the $http methods and where to use it?
  • How to pass view-data to server side with $http?
  • How to pass parameters with $http?
  • How to receive Success Callback and Error Callback in $http?
  • Practical: How to pass your form data to server-side language by using $http Service.

    Implementing CURD Operations in an Application by using $http Service.

Chapter 11: List of Inbuilt Services

  • $anchorScroll
  • $animate
  • $cacheFactory
  • $interpolate
  • $interval
  • $location
  • $log
  • $rootScope
  • $timeout
  • $window and etc

Chapter 12: List of Inbuilt Services

  • JSON Properties and Methods
  • angular.copy
  • angular.equals
  • angular.fromJson
  • angular.toJson and etc
  • Practical: Fully Hands-on for Complete Your project with all above Methods.


Course Curriculum and Duration:

We provide both Classroom Training and Offline Training.

Duration: 60Hrs.

Weekdays (Mon-Fri 2Hrs per day)

Weekend batches (Sat-Sun 4Hrs per day)


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