Amazon Web Services considers India a highly potential market

Amazon Web Services considers India a highly potential market

December 20, 2017, | By Innovative Academy


Amazon Web Services considers India a highly potential market

When a market leading company like Amazon Web Services praises the business potential in India and considers it a lucrative marketplace, there is no reason to disqualify the statement.

Yes, the country is doing great in the recent years, and the similar performance is expected in the coming years.

According to experts, the increasing comfort level in doing business is the topmost reason. Also, the graph of technically skilled workforce reaches new heights year after year, which is a good thing from a business perspective.

No wonder, AWS looks at India as a high priority market and business growth.

For India, it is a very good sign. It opens new business opportunities and job prospects. Since the IT community finds a lot of growth prospect in AWS, there is a huge demand for a good quality amazon web services training in Bangalore.

Size matters

It is a known thing that economy of scale matters a lot in a business scenario. It reduces costs and increases profitability.

Hence, all big business giants are trying their best to capture as much as they can.

For AWS, India is a country where the business growth graph can break all the previous records in the coming decade.

Hence, the company has announced several services including cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Since there has been an overwhelming support by the government, technical growth and business growth both touch new peaks.

The large population of India, which was considered a liability a few days ago, has become an asset today.

Since more AWS experts will be needed tomorrow, it is an intelligent move to join the best aws training in Bangalore today.

Things that were hard are quite easy today

The government is trying to do the processes easy and accessible by bringing flexibility in the system. As a result, business owners find a big change in the environment.

AWS has seen a big surge in the customers all across India after setting up their availability zones and data centers everywhere.

AWS training in Bangalore extends full knowledge of Amazon Web Services to churn out experts who deliver fantastic results.

Before getting introduced to the Indian market, AWS has already worked with Indians who were using it abroad. Thus, India has the potential of influencing innovation.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services or AWS sells cloud computing to Amazon and outside customers. Typically, AWS offers

  • Storage space for large-sized databases.
  • Bandwidth for website hosting.
  • Processing power for running complex software remotely.

Therefore, by opting to AWS, clients are saved from the hassles of procuring and maintaining hardware.

Moreover, they pay for what they use.

Today, Netflix uses it for the entire backend infrastructure. Netflix offers services for streaming and storing the web series. Interestingly, it uses the same servers that host their direct competitor service; Amazon Instant Video.

According to estimates, almost one-third of the network traffic is contributed by Netflix in North America; and it comes from the serves of Amazon.

In the initial days, the only customer that used AWS was Amazon. Today, it bags all big clients such as Adobe, the UK ministry of justice, NASA and so on.

It is needless to say that IT professionals who undergo AWS certification training in Bangalore can grab the best job offers, in India and abroad.

The evolution of AWS is brilliant

Amazon Web Services has shown an impressive growth from merely Amazon's backend technology to the most preferred web service by global clients.

The service is managed through a series of well-maintained data centers where you find millions of servers.

Though the primary dependency is still on Linux, AWS develops a proprietary OS that is offered to the AWS clients.

Initially, it didn't get much response. However, the systematic efforts made it useful.

Let's understand it as an example.

The analytics team should not give an answer in mail or SMS when the sales team asks the sales figures.

They are asked to develop an interface which can be used by the whole company. The interface should not be a casual and simple but professional.

AWS extends its reach and utility worldwide and opens new horizons of employment and success.