CCNA - Router Internal Components

Router internal components - boot sequence

December 03,2018, | By Innovative Academy


What is Router

On a small internetwork where two ethernet LANs are connected to each other by one router.

-Communication between different networks

-It provides WAN connectivity

-It does routing (Selects best paths)

-It works at Layer 3

-It can read IP Header

-It maintains IP routing table which contains best paths to destination networks

Router Internal Components - Boot sequence


-Power On Self Test

-Hardware Checkup

-RAM , CPU, Interfaces diagnosis


-Read only Memory

-Bootstrap loader / Mini IOS

-Finds the location of complete IOS


-Complete IOS Image

-May Have Multiple IOS Images

-Router operates with single IOS



-Non Volatile Random Access memory

-Permanent configuration

-File name: Startup-config

-Router always uses nvram configuration when booting

-Router copies NVRAM into RAM


-Random Access memory

-Temporary configuration

-file name :Running-config

-Router copies NVRAM into RAM

-Router always works RAM configuration only

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